The story revolves around newlyweds Rara and Sutan, who return to Rara's home amidst a tea plantation after their marriage. The old house belongs to Rara's father and is now inhabited by Rara, who must take care of the tea plantation along with her husband Sutan, who works as a nurse. Rara's father, William Saunder, was a Dutchman who built the largest tea plantation in Central Java during his lifetime. Mystical events begin to occur to Rara since her marriage, including the appearance of a disturbing figure while she's bathing, recurring power outages, and the climax when Rara experiences sleep paralysis with a headless ghost figure.

Sutan, her husband, becomes alarmed by his wife's condition and feels frightened living in the old house. He calls Yusof, who has the ability to expel disturbing supernatural entities. During the ghost expulsion ritual conducted by Yusof, a bodiless woman repeatedly says, "Trinil... balekno gembungku," which translates to "Trinil, return my body." Trinil is Rara's nickname known only to a few people. If the ghost knows the name Trinil, it means she is a family member or someone who has lived in the house.

The story unfolds, revealing a past love triangle involving Trinil, Bagus Sujiwo, and Kustirah. The love triangle is considered unusual because Trinil and Kustirah are mother and daughter, both fond of the same man, Bagus.



Tells the story of a black magic practitioner (Rewan) who cannot accept the death of his wife. After the incident, Rewan start to looked for a help from Mbah Usu Lijah, who was his mentor as she has the knowledge of resurrecting a dead body through the book of the Mihanasa tribe. However, Mbah Usu Lijah refuse to give the book because he was not coming from Mihanasa’s lineage and if he wanted to, he would have to go through several phases or periods of time. Rewan’s impatience has drived him to kill Mbah Usu Lijah and stole the book. Anom is the granddaughter of Mbah Usu Lijah who has been in her care for a long time and has to live alone after her death. In order to cover up the eyes of the villagers about the death of Mbah Usu Lijah, Rewan decided to adopting Anom. Rewan then forcing his only son, Yamin to leave the village so that nothing untoward would happen to Yamin because of the incident.

After 10 years, Yamin married a girl named Ardila and lived peacefully with her. However, Yamin kept his family secret by stating that his father and mother had died. One day, an old man came to Ardila to tell about Yamin' s father who was ill at the time and told her if she could ask Yamin to return to the village. Ardila was shocked by the news and was mad at Yamin for hiding his father's existence. While they were arguing, Yamin received a phone call stating that Rewan has died. They returned to the village after being urged by Ardila and was welcomed by Anom who was Rewan's adopted daughter for 9 years since she was 10 years old. Anom told Yamin and Ardila the moment before Rewan's death and also her existence as Rewan's adopted daughter. On the first night of Rewan' s death, Ardila began to experience strange things around the house until she decided to go back to the city (her home). Yamin tried to calm her down but she ignored him until something got in the way and make them unable to go home. Anom then came to invite them to go back to the house and asked them to cancel their plan.

Desa Mati


The story of this film focuses on five students who are looking for a vacation spot during their college break.They choose Sendang, a promising tourist destination with beautiful adventures. However, the trip turns into a nightmare when they face a series of problems that lead them to a seemingly deserted village. Shockingly, the residents of the village also turn out to be cannibals.

Talented actors and actresses such as Samuel Rizal, Kiesha Alvaro, Frislly Herlind, Adila Fitri, and others are involved in this film, promising strong and impressive performances.

Directed by Sipu Groso, known for his innovative work, the film is expected to bring a new and refreshing atmosphere to the horror genre.