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Kaya is a film distribution company based in Jakarta; our dedication is to bring an exceptional movies to the audience worldwide. With a passion for quality storytelling, we collaborate with talented filmmakers to ensure their films reach the widest possible audience through strategic distribution channels. As a trusted partner in the industry, we strive to connect captivating films with enthusiastic viewers.

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Overseas Distributions
Film Distributions

•Releasing the movie in other countries ex. Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia for Theatrical;

•Communicating with Cinemas for Release Plan;

OTT Sales
Movie Campaign Planning & Promotion

•Connecting with the OTT Player to sale the movie;

•Creating Promotional Strategy;

•Censoring the materials before exhibition;

•Arranging Movie Distribution for Cinema Release;

•Properly arrange the required materials


•Marketing Timeline Management & Execution

•Marketing Timeline Management & Execution

•Re-Distribute other movies to other countries

Jangan Sendirian

Indonesian Thriller Horror Movie directed by X.Jo released in Cambodia October 2023.

4 (four) characters take turns experiencing scary events when they are alone. The terror of these spirits that spread fear, panic, and hysteria just came unexpectedly.

Starring : Jasi Michelle Tumbel, David John Schaap, Agatha Valerie, Henry Boboy, Robby Sugara, Lisa Hery, Bebe Gracia, Nanda Chandra.

Production : Ad Glow, Lensa Dewa

Distribution : Kaya Sinema Indonesia

jangan sendirian-release in cambodia-poster
jangan sendirian-release in cambodia-poster

Die Alone

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